Sunny weekend vegan iced mocha


Mmm. It’s hard to think back now, with thunder cracking outside my window, but a couple of weeks ago we had a really gorgeous hot spell. It felt like summer was really on its way. I was going through a stage of making my own cashew milk, after one of Holland and Barrett’s ludicrous sales tempted me into filling our cupboards with more¬†cashews than any reasonable person might expect to get through. And I’d just seen a picture of a luscious looking iced coffee from a very cool looking cafe on someone’s Twitter feed.

I wasn’t in a cool London cafe. I was at home. But I did have a Kilner jar of cashew milk in the fridge, some ice cubes and my trusty Pantone coffee pot. I wanted something a little more luxurious than just a plain old iced coffee, so I added cacao powder and a spoonful of date syrup for a little extra weekend deliciousness. The result? A perfectly balanced, cooling drink with a solid caffeine kick. Oh yes. So. Good. All we need now is some sunshine. And for Holland and Barrett to have another mad cashew nut sale.


Deliciousness in a glass

What you need:

Cashew milk (or any other nut/regular milk, depending on preference)

Tablespoon of cacao powder

Tablespoon of date syrup

A nice strong shot of coffee – I make mine in a pot, but you could use a Nespresso machine or just make it short and strong in a cafetiere

Ice cubes

What you do:

Make your coffee, when it’s ready, pour it into a glass jug

While still hot, add the date syrup and the cacao powder and whisk vigorously to combine

Fill a tall glass¬†with ice (a cocktail expert once told me, never ask for less ice, it melts faster and waters down your drink, so fill it right up…)

Pour your coffee over the ice – if you’ve used enough, the coffee will cool fast without melting the cubes

Top up with your choice of milk

*Top Tip* If you’re using home made cashew milk, there’s usually some cream that’s settled at the bottom of the container. Scoop it out and swirl it over the top. Dust with cacao powder for extra prettiness.

Feel as smug as a Cheshire cat as you sit back and enjoy your fancy iced coffee. Good times.